How To Know Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram?

A very common question is how to know who unfollowed me on Instagram.

There are many apps, like Iconosquare, for example, that show you who doesn’t follow you on Instagram. The problem is that it only gives you information about the relationship you have with each user, that is, if you follow him/her and vice versa.

In addition, many times, you have to navigate from user to user, which is obviously impracticable.

What interests us is an application that gives us global statistics, that is, a list of people who have stopped following you lately.

Does It Work To Buy Followers On Instagram?

At this point, I want to be very blunt with my answer, since I intend to convince you to never buy followers on Instagram.

Perhaps in your quest to grow faster on Instagram, you have once been tempted to buy followers.

It is well known that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of pages where you can buy Instagram followers. And the truth is that it can even be tempting to get thousands of followers with a simple click, based on a reasonable payment.

But you have to be clear that by buying followers on Instagram you would be wasting your own account, for several reasons:

Reducing The Organic Reach Of Your Instagram Posts

Instagram has reduced the organic reach of posts to 10% of your total followers. That means only 1 in 10 of your followers will see your posts by default.

That is to say, they have done the same thing that Facebook did in its day (remember that Facebook has bought Instagram).

To exceed that percentage, Instagram will assess whether you are really generating engagement. The better your engagement, the more they will open the tap. That is the way to increase that initial percentage.

And this is the reason why many users are complaining: they have seen how before they got many more likes with their publications.

How Does Buying Followers Affect My Reach?

Very easy.

The purchased followers are usually fake accounts that do not have any type of activity :

  • They don’t like your photos or videos.
  • They don’t see the stories you upload.
  • They don’t leave you comments.

If Instagram shows your posts to the fake accounts that follow you, what do you think will happen?

What will happen is that they will not interact with you, which Instagram will interpret as your posts are not interesting to your followers. And if they are not interested in your posts, it reduces the organic reach of the next posts you make.

Do You Want Some Advice?

If you have purchased followers, or if you are followed by a lot of inactive accounts, I recommend getting them to unfollow you.

“Really? Victor, I want to get more followers on Instagram; not unfollow me.”

It’s the best you can do. A purge of false or inactive followers and you will see how your posts will get more likes, and more comments and, as a consequence, you will reach more people and new followers will enter you.