How To Have A Physical Book Of Your Followers On Instagram

Want an even crazier idea than the ones listed above? Create and print a limited edition book that includes photos of your Instagram followers. Just make sure they are aware that their content will be used for your book and that you are within your legal rights to do so. This can also dovetail nicely with a few other ideas on this list.

Secretly Implement Internet Memes

While you can freely use internet memes on other social media platforms to humanize your brand, this isn’t exactly the case on Instagram. Using memes on the photo-sharing network can mess up your visual flow. However, you can still implement those memes “secretly” within your photos. This can be t-shirts or mugs with a certain meme that can barely be seen in the background. Don’t worry! The Internet will notice and reward your hard work!

Create An Instagram Fan T-Shirt

Create a special limited edition t-shirt that is only available to your Instagram followers. Simply hold a giveaway and submit the t-shirts. This will increase your engagement, increase your reach, and could help you earn some free promotions.

Create A Live Video Q&A With The CEO

Especially for big brands, hosting such a live event on social media with the CEO is always remarkable. He might not only win some free press, but the commitment will definitely be off the charts.

Put QR Codes Everywhere To Encourage Curiosity

Do you have a physical or software product? Put the QR codes for your Instagram profile where you can. You don’t even have to say they’re for Instagram as people will scan them out of curiosity. It is true! Works!

Create An Instagram -An Only Marketing Campaign

Create a marketing campaign that focuses solely on promoting your Instagram profile. This can include t-shirts, mugs, TV commercials, and whatever else your mind can imagine. Sometimes the risk is worth taking.

Create A Custom Reward For A Follower

Not sure what the reward should be? Make a personalized reward for the supporter who wins the competition. Either chat with the winner or leave clues on their Instagram profile to surprise them. Not only do people love surprises, but people who are committed to your gift will be willing to linger out of curiosity even after the process is complete.

Create Tasks For Followers To Complete

Just like in a game, simply tell your followers that when they share 20 of your photos, they will receive a reward. That could be a discount from a limited-time promotion. The opportunities are endless.

Give Followers Incentives For Promoting Your Profile

Discount promotion can also be done as a reward to people who share or promote your profile. Knowing what to do to make your audience work for you is not only rewarding for both parties, but it will end up building a stronger bond between your consumers and your brand.

Create An Instagram Photoset

Speaking of creating tasks for your followers and giving them incentives, why not create an Instagram photo game? Create a world of your photos and let people find the right answers using tags. This might even earn you some free press.

Create A “Find The Clue” Story For Active Followers

Another idea for a photo game is to create “find the clue” stories. Simply give clues within your stories that your active followers should collect to solve a puzzle and ultimately win a prize or be entered into a drawing for a grand prize. Just don’t forget to advertise that such a game exists, so you can keep your audience busy.