Giveaways To Increase Followers On Instagram

Giveaways are one of the best strategies to get real followers on Instagram.

But before you start giving away an iPhone X, let me explain the most appropriate approach to doing a giveaway on Instagram.

If you want to attract followers who won’t unfollow you after the giveaway ends, you should consider giving away something related to your account activity.

Failing to do so is one of the biggest mistakes we can make. There are sweepstakes users whose sole presence on Instagram is for the purpose of getting as many prizes as possible.

And even if you don’t attract that type of user, who wouldn’t want to get an iPhone X?

The trick to getting followers on Instagram, in this case, is to make a giveaway with the sole purpose of discovering your account and, by the way, having an initial incentive to follow you.

If the content you share is of interest to them, you will have a much higher chance of not being unfollowed after the draw.

Don’t make the mistake of giving away something of great value either. It really isn’t necessary, although it is logically true that the higher the perceived value of the gift we raffle, the greater the chances of success with the raffle and the larger audiences we will attract.

A real example of a giveaway was carried out on Instagram.

Remember that a simple book, for example, could be more than enough to attract users interested in your account.

The Way To Do It Is Very Simple:

    • Decide what you are going to draw.
    • Make a creative to show what the prize of the draw is.
    • Publish it and inform your followers that to participate in the draw they have to like your account, and follow you (your followers already follow you but people who don’t know you don’t follow you yet, and to participate it is essential that they follow you because it’s as your account gets more followers) and mention three friends.
    • Announce until what date they can participate in the draw, what the conditions of participation are, and how/when you will announce the winner.
    • Consider promoting the post with Instagram Ads to reach more people.
    • When the date arrives, publish who has won the prize.