Applications And Apps To Have More Followers On Instagram

All you have to do is browse the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android to find dozens of applications to have more followers on Instagram.

But do not be surprised if that application that so many followers promise you disappears after a few weeks.

The number of apps around the theme of “instagram followers” ​​is almost infinite.

The reasons are clear: they go against the real use of the application that Instagram intends to enhance and, in addition, they are applications with hundreds of bugs, which make users rate them with the worst scores. Plenty of reasons why they won’t be available in stores for a long time.

Apps To Gain Followers On Instagram That I Do NOT Recommend

And once again, if you really want to get followers on Instagram and your goal is to do things right, you should not consider using these applications.

I’m not just talking about using apps to get followers.

Nor do I recommend the applications to get likes quickly… it’s superb nonsense. Those apps to get likes on Instagram work like a bag of likes.

I explain:

  • Or you buy a number of likes (with hard cash) that you can later distribute among your publications.
  • Or you do an exchange of likes on publications that are suggested by the applications themselves so that later other users who have suggested your publications end up liking your photos or videos.

Do you really want to enslave yourself by liking posts from people you don’t know at all so that later they will like you?

Or what is worse: do you really want to like publications that do not interest you in the least?

Think of it as an exchange of “favors . ” You will like posts from people you will never see again and they will do the same to you.

Result: Zero Engagement.

And the point is that Instagram notices all these fraudulent practices and ends up labeling your account as a spammer.

    • Hashtags: among other things, it allows you to locate the most popular hashtags related to a certain topic. For example, for “entrepreneurship” I would suggest the most popular related hashtags such as “#entrepreneurs” #success”, “#businesses”, etc. Highly recommended to increase the reach of your publications.
    • Cleaner For Instagram – This allows you to remove inactive accounts, both the ones you follow and the ones that follow you. The possibility of eliminating inactive followers is especially interesting because of how I explained to you that the algorithm works now. Having better quality followers will favor improving that 10% of initial reach that your publications have by default.
    • Word Swag: With this application (paid in this case) you can add very attractive texts to your photos in a matter of seconds. Take a look because the results are really very “pro”.
    • Social Blade – Social Blade is one such tool with endless uses, and not just for Instagram. I am going to highlight the possibility of “spying” on your competition since you can follow not only the evolution of your account but of any Instagram profile. You can do things like, for example, see how much they’ve posted in the last 30 days, how many followers they’ve gotten, and try to draw conclusions from that.
  • Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a “classic” in tools that now also supports Instagram and here I want to highlight one thing: the possibility of scheduling the publication of your posts. This is something that you cannot do with the native Instagram application and it will be tremendously useful for you to better organize yourself and the topic of schedules that we have already discussed.